Lill-Jörgen Petersen, trumpetin mestari

  • Lill-Jörgen Petersen, 
©2004-17 Harri Rautiainen
    Lill-Jörgen Petersen, ©2004-17 Harri Rautiainen

Selailin tässä vanhoja blogejani ja löysin muistelua tapaamisestani trumpetin suuren (pienen) taiturin, Lill-Jörgen Petersenin kanssa. Lill-Jörgen menehtyi helmikuussa yhdesän vuotta sitten, jolloin kirjoitin seuraavasti:

(oheinen kuva tapaamisestani v. 2004, jossa hänet palkittiin jazz-legendana)

Trumpet player Jörgen Petersen passed away yesterday in Helsinki at age of 78.

Mr. Petersen was better known in Finland than in his native Denmark. In 1960’s his instrumental version of “The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” was a long-time Top Hit on the Finnish Pop List.

At that time Lill-Jörgen played in Ronnie Kranck’s jazz and dance band in many high school conventions. I played tenor sax in our school band during their breaks and appreciated the chance to speak with Jörgen at back-stage.

Later, in 2004, our paths crossed after several decades. As a chairman of the Finnish Big Band Association (SBBY) I was involved in rewarding Finnish Jazz musicians for lifetime achievements. At the announcement luncheon, I had a wonderful chance to talk with Jörgen, one of the legends, again. He was still a warmhearted himself with wit and sparkle. He reminisced about some practical jokes they used to pull on Raimo Henriksson when he was leading the Big band of YLE (Finnish Broadcasting company). Mr. Petersen was instrumental in founding the UMO Jazz Orchestra (big band) in 1980’s. (I was yesterday night, February 13, listening to UMO with legendary saxophonist Billy Harper as a soloist, but that is a subject for another blog topic.)

Lill-Jörgen Petersen made his mark in big band and rhythm music in Finland. He will be missed by a wide group of music lovers in Finland and by friends and relatives in Denmark.


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